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God's Dependence
Vincent Van Gogh, Cafe Terrace at Night

Did you know that God is dependent upon you? That's right He is. Before going on, we are Keith and Tina Weber, the founders of DreamSeed Ministries. If you are visiting this page, we are presuming you have read our "God's Desire" page. If you have not read that page, click on God's Desire, and go back now and read it before going on.

If you are on this page, you have committed to being willing to explore the plan of God for your life. Our mission is to help you fulfill the amazing plan that God has for you. If you are willing, we will help you. That is a big 'if', and the key to going forward. God is totally dependent upon your willingness to discover His plan for you. God has an intricate, detailed, and wonderful plan designed exclusively just for you. His plan is not contingent upon your life's circumstances, tragedies, or trials. In fact, God's plan includes all of those things, and it will be fulfilled because of them. The remarkable thing about this plan is that you are the only one who can accomplish it. This is because there is only one of you. There never has been, nor will there ever be, another you. Because God created you unique, only you can accomplish His plan the way He has designed it. This plan was made by Him exclusively for you. Understanding this may help you with your willingness to pursue knowing His plan.  Remember that other people might be able to do similar things that you can do, but no one else who has ever been created can do the plan that God has designed for you. Here is an example:

One of our favorite paintings is “The Café Terrace at Night”, or sometimes simply referred to as “The Café” by Vincent Van Gogh. Think about this question: What if Vincent Van Gogh had decided that he would not paint “The Café”? If Van Gogh had decided not to paint it, it would not exist. It's the same with the plan that God has designed for you. If you choose not to seek out and complete His plan for you, it will not get accomplished in the way that only you could accomplish it. Because that painting exists, we can make the assumption that Van Gogh’s desire to paint it was greater than his desire not to paint it, or it simply would not exist today. Now the question becomes: Do you have the desire to find out God's Divine plan for your life, and is your desire to know the plan greater than your desire not to know it? Assuming that your desire to know God's plan for you is greater than your desire not to know it, lets go on.

Now here is another question to ponder: Do you think that Van Gogh believed he could complete “The Café” once his desire was strong enough to begin it? Somewhere inside of himself, Van Gogh believed he could complete that painting, or he never would have started it, nor would he ever have finished it. He first had the desire to paint it, and then he believed he could finish it. Van Gogh’s desire and belief carried him to completion of the project. The next question then becomes: Do you believe that God has a wonderful plan for you, and do you believe that He wants you to know and fulfill that plan? Perhaps you are not sure right now if you do believe this, but maybe you are in a place where you want to believe it. That is good enough for now, so keep reading.

Here is another point to consider: If Van Gogh did not keep on desiring, and keep on believing until the completion of this painting, then “The Café” would not have been finished. Van Gogh had enough desire and belief to complete it. He finished that painting. Many times in our lives we don’t finish things because we don’t have enough desire and/or belief to complete them. Perhaps this is because we cannot "see" the end result, and we give up. Van Gogh could "see" the end result, and he received what he accomplished - a finished painting.

And here's the main and final point to consider: No one else could have painted “The Café” like Van Gogh did. Only he could have painted it the way he did. Other people can paint it, but it won't be a Van Gogh. Now do you understand how important it might be that you come to know the plan of God for you, and be willing to fulfill it? God's has a Divine plan designed specifically for you. There are some very important Biblical principles at work here. Consider this scripture: “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” (Mark 11:24 KJV).

The principles in that scripture work whether you are a Christian or not, and whether you believe it is God's Word or not. Can you see the 3 basic principles contained in that verse? They are "desire", "believe", and "receive". There is also an assumption made that we are praying.  Because he completed it, the world gets to see "The Cafe" through the eyes of Vincent Van Gogh. Now I want you to relate these principles to everything that man has ever created, and then relate that to God's plan for you. Are you beginning to see he magnitude of how important it might be for you to fulfill God's plan for your life? 

Although God is dependent upon your willingness to find out what the plan is and complete it, His plan is not dependent upon your circumstances, no matter how bad those circumstances may be. It does not matter what you have been through in the past, what you are going through now, or what the difficulties of the future might seem to be. God's plan is only dependent upon your willingness to find out what it is and accept it. Our mission is to provide you with guidance into God's plan for you. His plan is basically two fold, and we have broken it down into  "GOD'S DREAM", and  "GOD'S DIRECTIVE". You must accept the plan of God's dream for you before you can accept his directive. We have teachings and Bible studies that are available to you to fulfill these missions and the plan of God for your life. Before you access these, you must review the GOD'S DREAM page, and then the "GOD'S DIRECTIVE" page. If you are willing to embark on this journey, click here: GOD'S DREAM . May the Lord richly bless you as you venture on into His plan for your life.

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